Project Status Report Template

The Project Status Report Template is a tool for providing regular updates on the status of your project through to senior management, your program office and your project team. The template can be completed solely by the project manager, or with input from the project team and a section is provided for capturing the status of each work stream. By default, the following fields are provided, however you may wish to customise the template to your and your management team's priorities:

  • Project name
  • Current project lifecycle gate
  • A project objective summary
  • Project status (Red/Amber/Green)
  • The reason for the status
  • Accomplishments for the prior period
  • Milestones for the period ahead
  • Work stream activities. This section is in table form and captures tasks for the prior and upcoming period for each work stream.

Three versions of te template are provided reflecting a choice of styles. All versions are in '.docx' format, suitable for use with Microsoft Word version 2003 and above. Just provide your email in the section below and we'll send the templates through to you.