The Founder Test

How well prepared are you for the challenges of starting your own business? Take the founder test and find out.

This test is based heavily on Episode 133 of Rob Walling and Mike Taber's exceptional podcast Startups for the rest of us. If you're an aspiring startup founder and you aren't listening to this podcast, now would be a good time to start! A summary of the episode was compiled by Tony Osbourn. Definitely worth a read as well.

The test is provided for a bit of fun as there is no one set of attributes that assures the success of a founder. However, it may have some value in helping you to understand your strengths as a founder as well as the areas you could stand to further develop.

Questions in this test are most applicable to solo-founders of technical products, however founders of all kinds might find some value in it.

How well do you know the niche or the problem you are solving?

How advanced are your technical skills?

Do you have Project Management experience?

Do you have outsourcing or delegation experience?

How passionate are you about the problem space?

How is your experience with building things that people want?

Do you have marketing experience?

How extensive is your network of relevant contacts?

How much time do you have available to your startup?

How much money do you have available to your startup?

How focussed are you on your startup?

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