Feature release: report customisation

February 11th, 2013 by Julian Corlet

By popular demand, reports are now more customisable. Account administrators can now add and remove report fields as well as alter the name, type and hint text for each field. Work is already underway to add even more flexibility, so watch this space for news on that in the near future.

As always, feedback is appreciated and we'd love to know how the additional flexibility is working out for you. If there are other features you'd like to see in Reportify, we'd love to know that too.

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Free status report templates now available

December 10th, 2012 by Julian Corlet

At Reportify we're in the business of automating the status reporting process. However, not everyone is ready to move to an automated solution, so we've decided to help those people out by providing some free weekly status reporting templates for download.

If you feel these could be of use to you, please download them and let us know what you think. Also if there are othe people you know who could benefit from the templates, please send them our direction!

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Success factors for managing virtual teams

October 27th, 2012 by Julian Corlet

Working as a virtual team can be a great option for all involved. For the employer, the costs of running from a centralised office can be reduced or eliminated and you may be able to find talent that is unavailable or priced out of your reach in your local market. For the employee, it can mean greater control of their schedule and access to opportunities that otherwise, simply wouldn’t exist for them. However with these advantages come a whole raft of new considerations and challenges for you, the manager.


Establishing a new team is a challenge in any situation and even more so for a remote team. Some factors you may need to consider include:

  • Is the team spread across time zones?
  • Is this a full-time commitment for everyone involved? If not, what limitations does this impose?
  • What tools are needed to facilitate communication and collaboration?
  • Does everyone share a common first language?
  • If there are technological requirements, such as transferring large files between team members, is the necessary infrastructure for this available in all locations?
  • How will you measure progress?

For the considerations that relate to your circumstances, you will need to come up with an approach and make sure that everyone is aligned on expectations at the outset.

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