Feature release: report distribution

June 8th, 2013 by Julian Corlet

Another feature release has just gone live! The focus this time is on how your reports are shared and who has access to them. Previously, report distribution was controlled by the management heirarchy on your account. Each report would be sent out to your manager, copying yourself.

This works well for status reporting for a team or organisation structured in the traditional way and the defaults are still dictated by this structure. However, for remote teams, project teams with shared resources or corner cases such as one company reporting into multiple investors, the structure was limiting.

As a consequence, each report can now has To, Cc and Bcc fields, allowing distribution to any number of recipients. Any recipient of the report who is also a user of Reportify can then access that report via the 'Received reports' section in the menu. 'Received reports' replaces the previous 'Team member submissions' section.

Additionally, a smaller enhancement was made, allowing Report Types to be disabled directly from the application front-end, making the process of de-cluttering your workspace easier.

So, what are your thoughts? Is there a change you're waiting to see in Reportify? Don't be shy, we'd love to hear what you have in mind at info@reportify.com.au.

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Julian Corlet is the founder of Reportify, a web-based status reporting tool. Julian's background is in the Telecommunications industry where he spent 15 years in management and technical roles prior to founding Reportify in 2012. Reportify was built to address shortcomings with existing approaches to the creation and collation of team status reports. You can follow Julian on Twitter @reportify.