Site structure changes - new articles page

June 29th, 2013 by Julian Corlet

A new Articles section has been added to Reportify and along with it, a Resources page to tie the ever increasing variety of content on the site together. 

You may be wondering what the purpose of the Articles page is, given theat the site already has a blog. The blog will continue to function as a hub for product announcements, news and the odd in-depth piece. The Articles page will host content more closely tied to reporting and on an educational nature for users of Reportify.

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Feature release: report distribution

June 8th, 2013 by Julian Corlet

Another feature release has just gone live! The focus this time is on how your reports are shared and who has access to them. Previously, report distribution was controlled by the management heirarchy on your account. Each report would be sent out to your manager, copying yourself.

This works well for status reporting for a team or organisation structured in the traditional way and the defaults are still dictated by this structure. However, for remote teams, project teams with shared resources or corner cases such as one company reporting into multiple investors, the structure was limiting.

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Feature release: Attribute lists and UX improvements

May 25th, 2013 by Julian Corlet

The latest code release is now live, including the following enhancements:

Attribute lists 

Sometimes more control is needed over the values in a report than a text field provides. For instance, you may want the name of a project to be represented consistently across projects. Or, the 'traffic light' status of that project might always be red, amber or green. Attribute lists allow you to pre-define the set of vaules for a field. These values are then selectable from a drop-down list in the report.

User experience improvements

  • Dashboard: The 'home' page for a user now lists the most recent of their own submissions and their team members for each report type on the account.

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